Below are some frequently asked questions that will assist with your decision whether or whether not to participate in a syndication:

What if the syndicate I want a share in is full?
Any person wishing to register their interest in the event a share(s) become available, can do so by visiting the available syndicates page and clicking the link at the bottom. You will be contacted in the event a share becomes available or if a new syndicate is being offered.
Will I receive money every time my greyhound runs?
Whilst there is a good chance if you obtain a champion greyhound you will earn prize money for the majority of their starts, the interference and risks associated with greyhound races means the greyhound is less likely to earn prize money at every start. Every effort will be made to ensure the greyhound is in peak physical condition and has a good chance of earning prize money for syndicate members.
How do I find out how my greyhound is performing?
The syndicate manager will ensure all members are kept well-informed of how the greyhound is trialling in preparation for a race and every syndicate member will receive a notification of when the greyhound is racing and the result via sms text message or email. If any syndicate member has any questions regarding the greyhound, they can be directed to the syndicate manager who will coordinate any correspondence.
What happens if I want to sell my share?
Any syndicate member wishing to sell their share, will need to provide written correspondence to the syndicate manager stating their reason for sale. The share(s) will become available to other syndicate members for purchase and in the event no syndicate member wishes to purchase the share, a waiting list of potential members will be consulted. The seller’s share will be independently valued to determine the sale price and all necessary documentation must be completed by the new member and they must adhere to the clauses for becoming a member set out in the PDS.
What happens to the greyhound when it finishes racing?
Every attempt will be made by the syndicate manager to ensure the greyhound receives a suitable home if the greyhound isn’t deemed suitable for breeding purposes. In the event a greyhound becomes a broodbitch or stud dog, members and the syndicate manager will discuss all details relating to the breeding aspect. Syndicate members will have the option to adopt the greyhound, provided they can ensure the greyhound receives adequate care for the rest of their lifespan. The syndicate manager will coordinate this process in the event that it arises.
How do I know what my rights are?
All rights and responsibilities of syndicate members and the syndicate members are outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Any member who wishes to address any of the clauses outlined in this PDS, can consult the syndicate manager and their query will be dealt with promptly.

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