Depending upon the greyhound, the initial syndicate share prices can range from $150 per share to over $10,000 per share. Race A Chaser greyhound syndications will only ever syndicate minimum 5% shares in each greyhound to maximise owner value and experience.

How much are the ongoing monthly charges to keep the greyhound?
The simple answer is……almost always nothing. Race A Chaser Syndications only syndicates ready to race greyhounds and generally once in racing, the routine greyhound racing costs are absorbed by the trainer; except for interstate travel expenses and extraordinary or accidental veterinary expenses.
How can the ongoing costs really be nothing?
Race A Chaser only syndicate greyhounds of a desired level of ability. Those greyhounds are taken on by trainers on the industry standard of “50/50” – which means the owners get 50% of the prize money and the trainer gets 50% of the prize money in lieu of an ongoing fee for training the greyhound.
What is a 50/50 deal?
Our trainers will be on contract and with the exception of extraordinary costs, interstate travel costs or accidental veterinary fees; the routine monthly training fees will be based on a percentage of prizemoney won. The industry standard is 50% of the prize money goes to the owner and 50% of the prize money goes to the trainer. This is quite different to horse racing where the trainer often charges a daily fee in addition to 10% of the prize money.
Does it ever happen that a racing greyhound doesn't win any prizemoney?
Never. If your greyhound is fit and injury free, Race A Chaser will always place your greyhound to its best advantage to maximise your ownership experience and your financial returns. Of course prizemoney levels and the state your greyhound races in can affect those figures, but your greyhound will always be placed to maximise your enjoyment and returns.

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